COLLECT & DELIVERY – How it works

Bring the ‘Popolo experience’ home!

We are so pleased to have found a way to offer you the Popolo experience for you to enjoy at home! Click through to our webshop to make an order and we will provide you with all the goods for you to create your own master chef performance at home in less than 10 minutes.

*We create, cook and pack.

*You order ( collection or delivery).

*Follow our easy instructions and finish at home.

*Check out our weekly seasonal menu and our selection of quirky wines on Instagram.

When? Thursday to Saturday 5-8pm

Popolo, 26 Rivington street, EC2A 3DU

Collection and delivery operating Thu-Sat between 5-8pm.

Delivery (charges applicable) up to 3 miles of the restaurant.

t 0207 7294299

m 07525 010947


All you need: Oven preheated 200°C. 1 pot simmering salted water.

Crispy olives, labne, dukkah  6

Spoon labne on plate, warm olives/chickpeas in oven (5mins). Finish with Dukkah.

Creamy burrata with zucchini trifolati  8.5 

Cut Burrata down the middle and fill with zucchini. Serve at room temperature.

Sardenaira – Ligurian pizza tomato bread 4

Put pizza bread on tray and warm in oven (5 mins). Finish with evoo.

Panzanella – Tuscan bread salad, tomatoes, red peppers, olives, capers, anchovy 7.5

Serve at room temperature and ready to eat.

Grilled baby gem with preserved lemon labne & hazelnuts  7.5

Plate baby gem and spoon labne on top, sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts.

Octopus with seaweed baba & za’atar 14.5

Oven roast octopus (6mins) then cut bite size pieces. Plate baba at room temperature. Octopus on top with sprinkling of Za’atar.

Hake in ‘crazy water’ (garlic & chilli broth) 13.5

Hake bag in simmering water (6 mins). Empty in bowl and serve with evoo.

Ravioli – nettles & ricotta with marjoram oil  11.5

Ravioli in boiling salted water (3 mins). Warm marjoram emulsion in separate pan and add pasta. Serve with grated pecorino.

Agnolotti – pork cheek & porcini butter 13.5

Agnolotti in boiling salted water (3 mins). Warm porcini sauce in separate pan and add pasta. Serve with grated pecorino.

Spiced lamb, carrot tahini, pine nuts  13.5

Warm lamb in oven or a pan for (10 mins). Plate carrot tahini (room temperature or lightly warmed) with lamb, pine nuts and sumac on top


Chocolate mousse with cardamom and rose petals 4.5

Rosemary and olive oil cake 6